Our History

Chance In Charge Board President, Kris Presley, began fundraising for enrichment programs with the inspiration that her son, Chance, brought her. Chance was born with a genetic disorder called CHARGE Syndrome. He is fed through a g-tube, wears diapers, has chronic heart, lung, and kidney disease, takes daily breathing treatments and therapies, is non-verbal, has visual and hearing impairments, and has been diagnosed with autism. While he has battled over 10 major surgeries and multiple pneumonias requiring a ventilator, Chance’s spirit and enthusiasm for life never fail. He looks forward to enriching activities, such as summer camp and music therapy.

When Kris adopted Chance 10 years ago, she found out quickly that these activities are very cost prohibitive for families with a special needs child. She started small by raising scholarship money for other children, through efforts such as yard sales and walk-a-thons. In 2014, Kris formed a board of directors, and organized the efforts into a legal entity, Chance In Charge, so that all donations can be a charitable contribution. The organization also allows Chance’s true “in charge” attitude to lead more children and youth to happiness and fulfillment.